About Me

Jules Wilkinson is a writer and performer who was raised by television in the wilds of suburbia in Melbourne, Australia.

Her stand-up comedy and solo shows has confused, and occasionally amused, audiences at festivals around Australia including the Midsumma, Fringe Festival, Oz Kink Festival, Sydney Mardi Gras, FEAST Festival, and Art of Difference.

Jules developed her writing skills through an eclectic assemblage of freelance work that started with reporting on HIV/AIDS in the early 1990s, reviewing  gay porn back when it came on VHS tapes. She has written for a variety of publications on LGBTI topics and pop culture including attending San Diego Comic Con as part of the press contingent.

A fangirl to her core, Jules is the administrator of the Supernatural Wiki which documents everything about the TV series Supernatural and its fandom; a resource so awesome it is used by the fandom, and the show’s writers and crew alike.

Jules shares her view her views and insights on Supernatural on the podcast she co-hosts with Amy Hutton – Women of Letters.

Jules’ more creative writing started in the crusty corners of cyberspace with forays into slash fanfic and internet chat rooms (or in Jules’ case, dungeons). Her stories – both fanfic and original writing –  explore the post-modern self, gender identity and desire. To be honest a lot of it seems to be about sex and pop culture.

When she is not writing or watching TV  Jules actually has a job. Starting life as a scientist, when world domination eluded her, she moved into the community sector. Jules has worked for the last 20 years in areas including public housing, HIV/AIDS, sexual health and breast cancer.

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