The Sound of One Hand Fisting in On Our Backs Vol 2 (2004, Alyson Books)

Boyfriend 2.0 – Winner of the Midsumma 2010 Short Story Competition

Fanfic at AO3 (as MissyJack – still in process of archiving from LJ)


True Confessions of a Couch Potato in Meanjin: On Psychology (2004, Melbourne University Press)

Co-Editor and Publisher – Some of Us Really Do Watch For the Plot – A collection of Supernatural essays  (2007, self published)

Back In Black in In The Hunt (2008, Benbella Books)

Fangs and Fames: The Vampire as Celebrity in A Taste of True Blood: A Fangbangers Guide (2010, Benbella Books)

A box of mirrors, a unicorn, and a pony. Transformative Works and Cultures, 2010

Inside Slash Fiction Melbourne Community Voice, 2011

Post, Tweet, Reblog: Supernatural and Social Media in Fan Phenomena: Supernatural edited by Lyn Zubernis and Kathy Larsen (2013, Intellect Press)

The Epic Love Story of Supernatural and Fanfic in Fanfic! edited by Anne Jamieson (2013, BenBella Books)


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