Jules is the administrator of the Supernatural Wiki – a resource for the TV show Supernatural and its fandom. It’s comprehensive, eclectic and quirky.
The site has over 3700 entries and attracts over 400,000 visits per month.

As the Managing Editor my job is to support new contributors – learning how to code, understanding our Wiki conventions and helping them get the most out of their involvement. Being an editor should be creative and enjoyable and people should feel they can make their mark on the site. I review edits for accuracy and appropriateness and identify areas of the SuperWiki which need updating.

SFX Magazine described the site as “the most comprehensive Supernatural site on the web… Supernatural Wiki is a well laid-out, intelligently designed, easy to navigate Aladdin’s cave of Winchester goodness.”

The multi-authored nature of this model is considered central to the ideals the Supernatural Wiki is based on – recognising the value of fan knowledge, experience and production by providing an environment within which fans can document, share and research both their own experiences, community, and the show around which the community is based.

The site cover the show with comprehensive entries and transcripts on every episode, guides to the characters, mythology, music and pop culture references in the show. Topics also covered range from Sam’s hair to motel interiors and the boys’ drinking habits.

The site is also used by both the writers and production crew of Supernatural itself  Writer Robbie Thompson described it as “indispensable”

Behind the scenes, there are extensive entries on the writers and production team including  a series of in-depth interviews with key crew members:

The site also includes fandom activites  including fanfic, videos and art, as well as conventions, and a glossary to fandom slang.

Jules also hosts “Wayward Cocktails” – a chance for fans and people who work on the show to get together and share their passion for Supernatural.  It has taken place in Vancouver in 2014, 15, 16, 17 and 19, Hawaii in 2018  and San Diego Comic Con in 2015, 16 and 18.

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